Customer Experience


More capabilities and choices for the customer

With over 2400 SKU variations of latex interior, exterior and primers and ceiling paints (8X more than average paint retailer), MicroBlend offers six different sheens, eight distinct quality levels, the ability to dispense into any bucket size and an endless array of color selection.

Catalyst for transforming the paint shopping experience

The MicroBlend solution empowers retailers to differentiate the paint buying experience from the competition and introduces opportunities for re-purposing newly available space. This creates a more inviting and engaging proposition for customers via more effective, intuitive and inspirational merchandising, enables improved integration and synergies with adjacent and complimentary home décor areas—providing the opportunity to add more SKUs to improve sales per square foot productivity.


A simplified and superior consumer experience

MicroBlend’s patented point-of-sale paint production system meets the consumer’s specific paint requirements, which provides a superior consumer experience. This differs from the traditional model where consumers are typically limited by the retailer’s in-store inventory, which affects their purchasing decisions and reduces overall satisfaction. MicroBlend’s system allows consumers to select their desired paint specifications, including multiple variations of color, quality, application and finish at the point-of-sale. The consumer-driven process increases retailer profit margins, as consumers typically prefer high-quality paint. With the MicroBlend system, consumers select paint through a simple “menu board” ordering system, reducing confusion and creating an enhanced consumer experience. The system’s proprietary MyProjectsTM database also conveniently records previous customer orders, allowing repeat selections of identical paint. The MicroBlend system has generated excellent consumer feedback, ratings and acceptance.

Fast and efficient

MicroBlend’s APM® customizes one gallon of paint in 30 seconds and a five gallon pail in 2.5 minutes and can produce up to 1,000 gallons per day— all with only 15 required SKUs (97% less than average paint program).