MicroBlend Paint Products



The APM® system currently provides customers with the capability to produce over 2,400 SKUs of paint in virtually any color and quality at the point-of-sale. MicroBlend’s system allows customers to choose from over 3,700 pre-formulated colors, nearly 50,000 competitor fandeck colors and virtually any color through its color scanning and matching technology. Additionally, the APM® system currently offers interior, exterior or primer paints, in eight different quality and six sheen levels, as well as five different size variations. This offers a significant advantage to retailers that often carry only 500 different SKUs due to cost of inventory and limited retail space. 

Proven paint quality

Our paints have been rigorously test-proven and compete very effectively against best of the best paint brands, as we maintain the highest standards in application properties, hide and durability. Ongoing independent testing ensures an extraordinarily durable paint that creates excellent hide over previously painted surfaces, as well as a more accurate, deeper color registration when tinted.

Superior quality and color consistency

Due to both volumetric and gravimetric measurement, paint quality is achieved within a 15 gram tolerance and within 1/768th of an ounce to achieve color consistency, making our product offering both unique and reliable.